mercoledì 21 maggio 2014

Sauce of minced meat, or ... sugo toscano di Nonna Vera.

Hello dear friends, as I promised here's the recipe for preparing tastier gravy of my dear grandmother Vera.
Every sunday morning prepared him. It is part of my most beautiful memories of my childhood.

Sunday morning, strictly on a Sunday morning, take a clay pot, possibly Tuscany, put a little olive oil extra virgin  and saute il battuto (The battuto is  a chopped carrot, celery and onion.) After the battuto he took color, do not burn the onion, put the minced meat, fry very well and add a glass of red wine, maybe a lively Colline Senesi's Chianti.
After the wine has evaporated completely, salted with coarse salt (I recommend just a pinch), add the rabbit, a sparebib.
Add the tomato sauce. 
Cover with a lid and boil for 3/4 hours. I remember Grandma Vera always told me that true success was for a good ragù is  meat quality and a   long boiling.
I do not have precise doses for the ingredients, because now I do it instinctively. I usually use 300 grams (12 oz) minced meat, a jar of 450 grams (1 lb) of tomato sauce.

As a type of pasta I usually use short pasta such as maccheroni or pipe rigate. Very good with the pici toscani.
I hope I have been clear in translating the recipe. I'm here if you want more information or details. See you soon.

Pici toscani with ragù.

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